LTC Partners: More Than a Paycheck

Portsmouth, NH: LTC Partners' (LTCP) Chief Executive Officer Paul E. Forte spoke on the NH Brand Project radio show (WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio 106.1 FM) about how the New Hampshire-based company's many benefit programs, including wellness and community engagement, help employees strike a comfortable balance between their work and personal lives.

"Trying to help [employees] feel comfortable about expressing their interest in making a difference in their community is a very important thing to do," said Forte. "Of course, you have to have a well-managed business, good performance management, and good personnel policies so people feel good about their workplace and about their employer. If you do those things and you [also] incorporate purpose-driven programs... you [can] attract and retain the best people."

Forte expanded on the company's progressive approach to benefits during the course of the interview, noting a number of supplementary benefits and quality-of-life initiatives in addition to standard offerings such as health, dental, life, and short- and long-term disability insurance and flexible spending accounts. LTC Partners' comprehensive package includes the following:

The company offers a robust wellness program that empowers employees to take more control of their personal lifestyle choices and achieve lasting change through a host of programs and educational resources geared to physical, financial, and emotional health. a biometrics and health risk assessment program, monthly Fitbit challenges, fitness classes like Mindful Movement and Yoga for the Office, a fitness center and personal training program, a smoking cessation series, TreadDesks, a healthy-eating awareness program, and Weight Watchers 360°.


  • The LTCP 401k retirement investment plan includes immediate vesting and a generous employer-matching contribution.
  • LTC Partners will reimburse employees up to $400 per year for estate planning, including will and trust preparation.
  • Managing Your Debt and Budget, Saving for Your Child's College Education, and Understanding the Basics of Your Workplace Savings Plan are a few of the events in LTC Partners' financial planning webinar series.


  • LTC Partners presents the Frank D. Titus Award annually in recognition of standout employees whose innovative ideas contribute to the company's transformational growth.
  • Employees can take advantage of the LTCP tuition assistance program for approved educational credits and degrees, ongoing professional development, and accreditation programs to fulfill career, life, and learning objectives.

Personal life

  • Paid time off for vacation and personal use, holidays, and volunteer work.
  • Commuter benefits: Many LTCP employees telecommute on an ad-hoc or regular basis.
  • LTCP employees also enjoy the flexibility to begin and end the workday earlier or later than the established business hours.

Taking action to positively impact our community is an integral part of LTC Partners' corporate culture. Employees' charitable interests are supported through organized volunteer opportunities, matching gifts, and other employee programs.

LTC Partners recently launched a new benefit called the Volunteer Hours (VOLHRS) Policy to support its Charitable Giving and Community Engagement initiative for encouraging philanthropic outreach and community involvement.

Beginning January 1, 2016, all regular full-time employees who have fulfilled at least 90 days of employment and are in good standing are eligible to participate in this program. LTCP employees may use up to 16 hours of annual paid time, during business hours, to engage in community-based activities like serving breakfast to the homeless, cleaning up beaches and parks, or reading to kids.

The NH Brand Project radio show features interviews with influential business and civic leaders to promote the notion that New Hampshire is a good place for a business and to work. The show's mission is to attract job creators, tech professionals, and retiring baby boomers. By promoting the state's assets to those looking to relocate, the radio show is designed to attract people from around the country.

Use the player below to listen to the clip of Paul Forte's interview from the NH Brand Project radio show.

About LTC Partners

LTC Partners® (Long Term Care Partners, LLC®, or LTCP®), a diversified third-party administrator of large-scale insurance and benefits programs, was founded in 2002. LTC Partners administers both the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program and BENEFEDS under the oversight of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The company is located at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, NH. LTC Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary of John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company.